Easy Decorating Tips for Summer

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Finally the summer months are upon us which means opened windows, a clean home and finally thinking of bright colors to add to our home to make it welcoming for friends and family who will be traveling to visit! Summer decorating is so much fun and it’s a great excuse to really update everything too. The activities you do in the summer can take you inside and out which means you’ll have a lot of space to decorate and don’t worry, it doesn’t take much either! You can update your home for the season with just a few fun accessories or if you want to go big, add some great dining set to your outdoor patio for a wow factor! Here are a few ideas to make the most of your summer at home!


  1. Change Your Duvet cover – With summer, comes bright colors for every room in the house so don’t forget your bedroom too! If you have a white and bright duvet cover, you may just add some pops of color with throw pillows but it’s also fun to have a brand new one too to make it stand out! For example, if you live by the beach, an ocean theme duvet is perfect for summer to give everyone that relaxing feel. Pick soft blues and whites to add some fun decor too and accent the duvet!
  2. Spruce Up The Porch – Flowers flower and more flowers are a huge hit to bring your porch to life this summer! If you don’t have a porch to add flowers, you could always hang them up if you want too or add some cute window flowers under your windows for an extra burst of color. Some might say to add a colorful summer wreath on your door or a fun welcome mat for guests to enjoy before they walk into your home.
  3. Lighting- Nothing says you want to enjoy the outdoors then outdoor lighting. You could add some great lanterns near the door to light up a path for you to get too or cafe lights criss crossed for outdoor seating when you eat under the stars. Whatever your preference, having soft lighting will set the mood and make everyone enjoy the warmer months more.

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  1. Update Your Kitchen Sink– This would be a great project to undertake and a large one at that, but it’s worth it with all the eating and dishes you’ll be cleaning when entertaining so many friends for the summer months. One way to update your kitchen sink to not break the budget is purchasing a Premier Surfaces Granite Composite Sinks. These sinks can be manufactured in a range of various styles, colors, shapes and sizes! If you are looking for a unique material, you can’t go wrong with composite because if you are one who like material consistency, composite is the way to go. Of course, the big question is cost but they give you the best bang for your buck. You are able to get all the benefits  without breaking your bank account. You can bet that if you update your kitchen sink, it’ll be the talk of your dinner talk and out of town guests that come to your home this summer.
  2. Add A Summer Curtain To The Bathroom –  If you want to replace your shower curtain for a new season one, this is also an easy and inexpensive way to update your bathroom for yourself and for guests. You can rotate the shower curtain in and out every season. You can also add season towels to match the new shower curtain as well and allows you to change the mood of your bathroom with almost no effort whatsoever!
  3. Season Scents – Give your room a sense of summer not only with fun decor but with your smell sense! Try to match your candles or scents with two or three within your home. Think of something soft and relaxing and add them throughout the home or even outside. Some candles are even perfect to keep away mosquitoes as well so add some peppermint or mint leaves to the mix.


I’m sure there are several more ways to update and decorate your home for the next few wonderful months. My biggest advice would be to keep it casual, comfortable and welcoming for you and your guests to enjoy. Don’t go overboard with lots of color for an eye sore but keep it a few pops of color in each room. I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing to decorate and update your home or even your outside patio to make it fun, functional and perfect for enjoying together!


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