Easy Curry with the Braun Hand Blender MQ3126 Spice

Who doesn’t love a good curry? I know I do. But the secret of a good curry is in the spices. And when the spices are roasted and made fresh, they are the best. Obviously it’s not always possible to make freshly blended spices as it takes a bit of time. Although with the new Braun Hand Blender MQ3126 Spice, making spices for a curry is a breeze.

I was sent the new Braun Hand Blender and challenged to make a curry in a hurry and I think the dish turned out a winner. It was so easy.

The blender comes with a set of attachments that allows you not only to dry grind the spices but also chop the onions and tomatoes for the curry. Once you’ve got this sorted, you’re more or less done.

Its features include 11 variable speeds and a turbo button for a finer grind. It also includes a soft grip handle, Splash Control technology, soft grip handle and a whisk. The whisk is perfect for whipping cream for that dessert after a spicy curry.

I found it so easy to use when making this delicious lamb curry.

To make the curry, I ground together coriander seeds, cumin seeds, poppy seeds and a dry red chilli.

I set up the lamb, with ginger and garlic paste and salt, to cook in a pressure cooker and it took 10 minutes.

After adding a little oil to a wok, I added curry leaves and sliced onions and fried till the onions were golden brown. I then added tomatoes and the spice powder. I also added cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

Once the oil came off the spice mixture, I added the meat and fried it for some time. Then let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

A delicious curry ready in 20 minutes.

Of course, as mentioned you can do more with the blender as it can grind coffee and even crush ice cubes.

The Braun Hand Blender MQ3126 Spice is priced at £49.99



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