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Easter is a lovely time of year. It is the perfect time of the year for crafting. Our craft box had loads of lovely things that it was difficult to decide what to make. Jadyn wanted to use everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

I enjoyed this month’s crafts with the children. We made a lovely Easter bag and Jadyn gave that to her friend with an Easter egg in it for Easter.


We also made these lovely chicks in baskets that we then added to a terracota pot and filled with little eggs. They look so good.


It is really easy to make this –

First take two yellow pompoms one larger than the other and stick the smaller one on top of the bigger one.

Stick on googly eyes and cut a little red piece of foam for a beak.

Stick into the little basket.

Take the pot and line it with straw, some paper and a piece of netting. Then add the little chick in the basket and the little eggs.

A perfect gift or keep it on the table for your guests to help themselves.

We also made an Easter card and an Easter bunny.



This Easter bunny is really easy. All you need is a Styrofoam egg shape, some pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a pompom.

Paint the egg (if you like) or keep it white (I would have liked it white but Jadyn wanted hers pink!!).

Cut a pipe cleaner into two and shape into ears. Stick onto the egg.

Use another pipe cleaner to shape into feet (heart shaped so it can stand)

Stick on the googly eyes and nose and draw on theย  mouth and teeth. It is quite cute.

Yes, we have been busy. We are going to be making a few more things this week so do be sure to come back and visit for ideas.

Disclaimer: I received a crafting box from Bostik as part of the Tots 100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.


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