Easter Celebration with Asda

Easter is not Easter without chocolate – lots of it. And eggs – of the chocolate kind of course.


We were recently sent a selection of eggs from Asda and the kids (and I) quite enjoyed them.


Asda’s Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Honeycomb (£6.00, 175g). This was packed with honeycomb pieces and is quite large. The chocolate was delicious to taste.


Asda’s Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Salted Butterscotch and Fudge Egg (£6.00, 245g). A blend of milk and dark chocolate with soft fudge, salted butterscotch and crisp and delicate white chocolate curls, this was really tasty and finished in minutes. We are 5 of us doing the tasting. 🙂


For the kids, (I’m a bit jealous because they also had ours), there is Yolky the Chick – a white chocolate egg which is uber cute (£2.50) and a DIY egg (yes, you read that right) where you can melt the chocolate drops and get artistic by adding the beak and the eyes.


There is also Asda’s Cheeky Monkey (£4.00, 250g) which is sure to put a smile on their face.

We loved the range of eggs from Asda and the chocolate was just yummy.

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