Drinking is fun with Sip N Sound Straws from Flair – Review

When I was asked if I would like to review these Sip N Sound Straws from Flair and I said ‘yes’, I didn’t know what a big hit they would turn out to be.

The children are 12, 8 and 5 and it seems that they are still able to enjoy these simple products that are so much fun.

This is the kind of product that makes you go – ‘why has no one thought of this before?’

Sip n Sound is a brand new interactive animal straw range. The cute farmyard animals burst into life with noise as your drink passes through them. This adorable sensory toy is a brilliant way to encourage kids to drink more, a great tool for the upcoming summer months!

They make a fun addition to a children’s party, where kids can create their own snack time tune with friends.

The product is aimed at children aged 3+ but as you can see with mine – you are never too old to drink from a straw that moos, grunts, neighs or baas!

It’s great to remember too that there are health benefits to be had from drinking from a straw as it prevents staining as well as results in fewer cavities.

Plus the kids (well, mine certainly are) are more likely to drink more out of a fun straw.

I’m constantly having to remind mine to drink enough water. Now, the straws seem to make me have to do less reminding.

I like it that the animals can be detached from the straw for play on their own. There is a little switch on the back that you can press when you are not using it with the straw. Also, it makes for easier cleaning.

The straw works well and it makes a sound when you pull up your drink through it, otherwise not. Great for creating songs or tunes with.

The straws are priced at £5.99 each and there are 4 to collect – cow, horse, sheep and pig. We’re hoping there’ll be more animals added to the range. Ethan is tiger mad and would love a tiger.

We had some friends of Aeryn’s over and they were quite thrilled to try out the straws too. They have since then asked their mums to get them some too.

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