Dressing for a Spring Wedding


Weddings are great occasions. It is always nice to be a part of such a special day. It feels great to be able to spend the whole day with family and friends. Plus, of course, you get the chance to buy a nice outfit. This year, there are some lovely warm weather wedding guest outfits available from retailers like JD Williams. So, you should find it relatively easy to find something that is suitable. An outfit that makes you look and feel fantastic.

Be ready for the changeable weather

However, when buying an outfit for a spring wedding, there are a couple of extra things that you need to bear in mind. In particular the fact that the weather can be changeable, something you need to be well-prepared for.

Dress in layers

Usually, the best way to do this is to dress in light layers. For example, opt to wear a suit rather than a dress. That way if it is really hot you can just wear the blouse and skirt. Later, when the sun goes down you can slip the jacket on to make sure that you stay warm.

Take a coat

It is also wise to have a coat available to put on over the top of your wedding guest outfit. That way if the day turns out to be a cold one you will not end up looking half frozen in the photos. Should you be lucky and it turns out warm you can simply leave your coat in the boot of your car.

Don´t forget your umbrella

For a springtime wedding, you also need to be prepared for rain. So, buy an umbrella that blends in well with your wedding outfit. These days it is easy to find compact brollies that can easily be slipped into your bag.

A big enough bag

Of course, this means that your bag needs to be big enough to accommodate an umbrella. Therefore, for a spring wedding, a clutch bag may not be suitable. However, if you really want to use one the best approach is to buy two bags, a clutch to use for the reception and a bigger bag for the ceremony. That way you can simply put your clutch into the larger bag along with your umbrella. At the reception, you can leave the larger bad and the umbrella in the car and just take your clutch bag into the venue.

Suitable footwear

Choosing the right footwear is also important. Because you do not know for sure that it is going to be dry always opt for a pair of closed in shoes. It is also wise to avoid wearing shoes that are covered in some sort of fabric. They will look awful if you end up having to walk across the wet grass. If you really cannot resist wearing a pair of satin shoes to a spring wedding it is a good idea to follow the care advice outlined in this article.

For a spring wedding, it is also a good idea to avoid wearing stilettos. This is because if it has rained recently you will have to walk on your toes to avoid sinking into the grass or gravel path.



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