Dreaming of a cruise…

It’s been long since I went on a holiday. I mean one where I can relax totally and not do a thing except lounge about, read, eat and maybe do a little sightseeing. I don’t think it’s one that I can really do with children as when there are children involved, especially young children, one is constantly on call.

My dream holiday would be a cruise. I do not suffer from motion sickness, so I don’t think I would get seasick. At least I don’t think I would. I would love to just get on a ship and sail away into the sunset. 🙂

A few of my relatives have been on cruises and they just love it because of the all inclusive package that it offers. I know that there is something for everyone on a cruise. In fact, my uncle and aunt, always tell me that if I want to go on a holiday, I should go on a cruise. They have loads of fun – they go dancing, go for shows, play tennis and get off to do some sightseeing when they dock. It actually sounds very enjoyable. I have also heard that there are chocolate making and tasting sessions on some ships and I love chocolate. No, I am not saying that I would go on a cruise simply to eat lots of chocolate. But the word chocolate makes me think decadence and that means indulging and that to me is a holiday.

I am imagining right now how it would be to be sailing day and night with only the sea around me. I wonder if it can get scary when there is a storm at sea – much like air turbulence, although I think the sea would be much worse.

I know that there are many family friendly cruises where children are welcome and there is so much to entertain them that they would stay out of my hair so I could also enjoy the cruise without running after them 24/7.

With all this in mind, I have done some research online (well I do have to save up don’t I?) and I have realised that the cruises are not really very expensive when you think about it being really all inclusive – board, lodging, entertainment – the works! There are also some last minute cruise deals that offer even better rates if one is willing to board at short notice, that is, within 6 weeks.

If I was offered a cruise, I would probably be ready to board with a day’s notice. And who knows, you may soon be reading all about the cruise I went on, here, very soon.

In fact, yesterday we went to Dover and it was beautiful. High on the cliffs one could hear the ships’ announcements. That made me want to jump onto a Cruise ship almost immediately.

Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Fred Olsen Cruises,

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