Drawy Book and App from Bic – Review

The children love to colour and when we heard there was going to be a Bic event involving colouring we were thrilled. Unfortunately we could not attend because we were away on holiday.

It was the launch of the new Drawy book, which combine technology and creativity for a very fun experience.

So how does it work?

The Drawy book comes with colour pens too and it works with a Drawy App which is free to download. We were sent this goody bag so we could review the app.


Once you download the app, it pretty much tells you what to do.


It reads aloud a story and then asks you draw little things to add to the story. The great thing is that once you draw it and scan it, it goes into the story and you can see it on your screen. Basically it becomes part of the story.


Aeryn loved doing this and she found it very interesting to see her creations on screen.


I quite liked the creativity that it allowed as the child gets to use her imagination and draw. For e.g, it asks to draw some treats for the alien and Aeryn drew stars.


It is a great App and can keep children busy for a long time.

Disclosure: I was sent the Drawy Book to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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2 thoughts on “Drawy Book and App from Bic – Review

  1. That’s a really neat app! Love that it asks kids to get creative and imagine without necessarily encouraging literal designs. I also love that it encourages reading! Companies are coming up with such awesome products these days! 🙂

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