Download Tarzan, the Movie to Watch Anytime and Anywhere.


The king of the jungle is brought back to life as the epic, fun-filled jungle adventure TARZAN is available to DOWNLOAD and watch instantly via platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, blinkbox, GooglePlay™ and to rent through SkyStore, Virgin Movies, and BT from 25th August 2014, courtesy of Entertainment One.



Writer and director Reinhard Klooss revives the story of TARZAN using innovative special effects and 3D technology to awaken the jungle, with an impressive voice cast including: Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga Franchise, The Legend of Hercules) as brave and strong Tarzan; Spencer Locke (Monster House, Cougar Town) as love interest Jane Porter; Jaime Ray Newman (Catch Me If You Can, Made of Honor) as Tarzan’s mother Alice Greystoke; and Robert Capron (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Frankenweenie) as John Jr. Greystoke.


John Jr. Greystoke was just a child when he accompanied his adventurous parents to Africa in search of a mineral that could revolutionise the energy industry. The trip ended in tragedy when their helicopter crashed in the heart of the dark and dangerous jungle, leaving John Jr. as the sole survivor. Found and raised from that day forward by a family of primates, John is renamed Tarzan and thrives in his beautiful new surroundings. Years later, the grown up Tarzan falls for pretty conservationist Jane Porter following a chance meeting. However their romance is threatened by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies, who is in search of a new energy source, and won’t let anyone stand in his way.


A spectacular and fun filled family adventure, experience the legend and king of the jungle this summer as TARZAN is available to buy and rent  from 25th August 2014.




Release Date: 25 August 2014

Certificate: PG

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 94 min

Format: Platforms to Download: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, blinkbox, GooglePlay, KnowHow Movies, Playstation Store, Sainsbury’s, Wuaki and Xbox Video

Platforms to rent: As above + BT Box Office, filmflex, SkyStore, TalkTalk and Virgin Movies

Here is an activity sheet to download and print to keep the children busy during the last few days of the holidays.

TARZAN_Digital Activity Sheet.jpg

Disclaimer: I have received no monetary compensation for this post. I just think it would be of interest to you, my readers. 

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