Dork Diaries: Puppy Love – Review

Jadyn loves the Dork Diaries series and we have reviewed them previously on my blog. She has the whole collection but it still doesn’t stop her from wanting more.

You can imagine her SQUEAL of excitement when she came home and found the latest Dork Diaries book – Puppy Love waiting for her.


In this book, Brandon lets Nikki know that he has 7 puppies that cannot be accepted at the shelter he works in because there is no place. Nikki offers to help by taking the puppies into her own home until something is sorted out. Simple right?

Well, not really because her parents don’t really want dogs in the house. Nikki has to hide them and as you can imagine – hiding 7 dogs can be quite difficult with hilarious consequences. If that’s not all, she has to take them to school too. And we all know that Mackenzie can’t wait to get Nikki into trouble.

The book was laugh out loud funny and Jadyn finished it in one go. She could not put it down.

We loved the bit where the littlest puppy gets adopted by Nikki’s family at the end.

The book is great fun and we highly recommend it.

We give it 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above book for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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