Dork Diaries Drama Queen – A Review

Book – Dork Diaries Drama Queen

Author – Renee Russell

Genre – Fiction

What it’s about –

Mean girl Mackenzie takes over Nikki’s diary and causes havoc in Nikki’s life. It’s a disaster!



When I received an opportunity to review the newest Dork Diaries book – Drama Queen, I knew my daughter would be thrilled. She loves the series and to have the book before release would be quite something for her.

She was super excited when the book came and she sat down and finished it all at one go.

She found it funny and I think she said she had a few raised eyebrow ‘OMG’ moments. She loves the main character of the books – Nikki and she thinks she is cool and quite hilarious.

She has given this book 5 stars and has been recommending it to all her friends.

You’ll know more about how much she loves the Dork Diaries Series as she tells us herself in the video below –

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