Don’t Forget the Little Things When Decorating

For all of us the way our home looks is important. We all want to live in a house that the whole family feels happy and comfortable being in. As a result, most of us spend a lot of money on decorating and DIY.

Every year, British households spend nearly £6 billion on doing up their homes. Unfortunately, we quite often get things wrong. A study the Lloyds Banking Group carried out showed that 3.3 million British households ended up having to spend £3,200 on fixing botched DIY jobs. The problem is we do not do enough planning so important tasks get forgotten. Often, these are jobs that we end up having to go back and do, at a later date. Here examples of mistakes you can avoid making.

Not renewing your skirting boards

Laying a new floor is a good time to think about installing new skirting boards. You can easily pick up what you need here or somewhere similar. Installing it does not take long. Laying new ones is nearly as easy as repainting your old skirting boards is. Plus, of course, you get a much nicer finish when you take this approach.

Not updating your window coverings

Most people change their soft furnishings when they redecorate, but a lot of homeowners do not take the extra step of updating their curtains. This is a shame, because, again, it can make a huge difference to how good your update looks. Potentially, you can keep your old curtains and just change them a bit to fit in better with your new decor. You could, for example, trim the edges or simply change the curtain rail and tiebacks.

Not bothering to buy new ornaments

Sometimes it is also worth updating your ornaments. This is especially the case if you choose to make a radical change to the style of a room. Of course, if some of your ornaments have sentimental value you should keep them. But, you may want to relegate them to the dining room. It will only take you an hour or so to find new ones online.

Update your wall art

The same applies to the photos and artwork you have on your walls. Redecorating gives you the perfect opportunity to update them. You can simply go online or go to the shops to find what you need. Or, you could take the opportunity to make something unique yourself. Provided you choose something easy, like the projects you can find here, your children could give you a hand to make them. It is a great way to keep them happy and busy. Plus, they will really enjoy seeing one of their creations used in the home. It is a great way to boost their confidence.


Re-decorating is the ideal time to improve the level of storage in a room. It gives you the chance to make sure that there really is a place for everything. Generally speaking, the more storage you have in each room the more organised and tidier your home will be.

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