Dollop of Difference Cooking Masterclass with celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner

On the 29th, I got myself ready for an evening out in London. I was invited to a masterclass cooking event with the lovely Lisa Faulkner hosted by Onken. I was so excited.


I was stuck in traffic and was worried that I was going to miss the event but I managed to arrive before the actual cooking started.


I had never used yogurt for baking. We first made Banana Muffins and it was really easy as well as healthy as it was made with bran and wholemeal flour. I have never baked with anything other than plain or self raising flour so this was a first for me.


They were absolutely delicious and it was lovely to cook and not have to clear up as there were helpful staff on hand to clear the used plates/dishes etc.


We got to take the muffins home with us and they went down very well with everyone at home as we had them for breakfast the following morning.


The next recipe we tried was for French Onion Dip. Now, to be honest I am not a great fan of onions especially when you can taste them. However, this dip was so easy to make and it tasted really great so maybe I am converted now. The children enjoyed this with pittas the next day.

lisa5The last dish we made was Chicken Tikka Kebab – a favourite with most people. We got to taste the kebabs and they were yum with a little kick to it. Delish!!


At home, we use yogurt for quite a few meal preparations and the children have a lot of natural yogurt with fruit for breakfast or dessert. It is also great for cooling the tongue when a hot curry is served up. It is also a perfect alternative to getting calcium into children who may not like milk.

It was a great evening and it was so nice to be cooking without the interruption of children wanting a drink or feeling hungry! Lisa Faulkner is lovely. We also met health journalist and nutritionist Angela Dowden who gave us a brief on the nutritional benefits of yogurt.

Onken has partnered with Lisa Faulkner, Celebrity Masterchef Winner and TV Chef and Angela Dowden to launch their 2014 Onken Naturals Campaign – Dollop of Difference to provide inspiration and encourage people to discover new and different ways to eat yogurt.

A big thank you to the Onken team for a wonderful masterclass evening.

Disclaimer: I attended an event hosted by Onken. I was under no obligation to write this post.

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