Doc McStuffins Walk n’ Talk Doll Review

You must know we love Doc McStuffins. The children enjoy watching the series on telly and love playing with the toys that we have been lucky to review.


We were also a Doc McStuffins Twitter party host and as a part of this we were sent this lovely toy to play with at the party and review – the Doc McStuffins Walk n’ Talk Doll.

Aeryn was over the moon and I admit that I was rather intrigued with the toy myself.

The product consists of a Doc McStuffins Doll, a little mobile clinic, some small medical instruments and Lambie.


The doll is dressed as Doc is normally dressed in the series on telly and is a rather nice size for little hands. It is not poseable but you can play with it on its own. She is quite adorable and we love her sparkly shoes.


The side of the van has place to attach the little instruments and the other side also has a removable seat for Lambie to sit on.


To play,  you need to attach the handle to the mobile and then attach Doc to the handle by locking her arm into position by pressing the button on her tummy. Press the siren on the van and it begins to move with Doc ‘walking’ in front of it. It also plays a catchy tune while doing so.


Press the button on the side and Doc ‘talks’.

To take Doc off, press the button on her belly and unlock her arm from the handle.

We did find that you need to have Lambie on the van to have it move properly.


Our views –

We Love It.  The children love playing with it – it’s not only Aeryn. It was also a top toy at the party. It is perfect for pretend play. Which child would not want a walking and talking doll?

The colours are girly with the purple and the sparkle so it will definitely go down well with girls who love sparkle.

It is definitely set to be a top toy for Christmas espcially for Doc McStuffins fans.

It is priced at £49.99 which may look a steep price to pay but when you consider the features as well as the fact that it has a walk and talk feature, the price can easily be overlooked.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Doc McStuffins Walk n’ Talk Doll to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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