Doc McStuffins Roleplay and Accessory Set Review

Aeryn is a huge Doc MCstuffins fan (as we have probably mentioned quite a number of times).

We have reviewed a range of Doc products and yet each new one is met with a huge welcome.

The new Doc McStuffins Accessory set has everything a practicing doctor needs to get her toys well on the road to recovery. It contains a play bandage, blood pressure cuff, syringe, otoscope and a sticker sheet.


I love how the toys reflect the series as I think at this age, children identify closely with their favourite television characters. Aeryn has been using them on her toys and running clinics. It’s adorable to watch her pretend that the toys have a broken leg or need an injection. The most common being that they are going on holiday and need holiday vaccinations.

The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Roleplay Set includes Doc’s Toy Hospital coat with buttons, doctor’s name badge with interchangeable inserts, fun tools and of course, her stethoscope! Together with the above set, it makes for very entertaining play.

The coat fits well and it also has a little stripes top similar to the one Dottie wears in the series.

I find Aeryn playing really sweetly in her room with her toys. It keeps her busy for hours.

Also, she may have just found her vocation!

The Accessory set costs £9.99 and the Roleplay set is priced at £24.99

Both are great value for money and I would recommend buying them for your budding doctor. I remember I always wanted a Doctor set when I was young and I was gutted when during a school Christmas Santa appearance, it went to a friend of mine. Needless to say, Santa brought me one on Christmas Day.

The products are a part of the Doc McStuffin range from Flair.

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