Do your children drag their feet at brushtime?

I admit I have sometimes  quite often, told the children ‘It’s okay – just go to bed’. Most of the time in despair. After I have told them at least 10 times to brush their teeth before bedtime. Do you find that you have sometimes just given up – and given in?

Children know exactly which buttons to push (at least mine do) and at the end of a particularly tiring day, they know I’m most likely to give in – for the sake of peace, for the sake of just getting them in bed.

I know brushing teeth before bedtime is important – just as important as brushing in the morning.

I am a stickler for brushing one’s teeth in the morning – for getting rid of morning breath for one but the night time brushing seems to be overlooked and this is something that I need to look at enforcing more.

While my children whine about brushing their teeth, they wouldn’t throw a temper tantrum (they know that it would mean they would have to brush their teeth without a doubt then). I was surprised to know that in a recent survey by Aquafresh 80% of the parents say their children throw a major temper tantrum when it’s brushtime.

1 in 10 parents also sent their children to bed without brushing at all.

Here’s a video by child behavioural expert, Lorraine Thomas providing some tips to make brushtime more enjoyable and fun.



I will definitely be incorporating some when the children are dragging their feet at night.

Do you face any problems getting your children to brush their teeth? How do you handle it?

Leave me a comment as I would love to know how you work around it.


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