Do you suffer from SAD?

Its official – I am allowed to be grumpy, miserable and put on weight!

It called SAD – no, it does not mean I am always sad but it is Seasonally Affected Disorder (according to the article in the Daily Mail)

Now when I am taking the children to school and I wonder why I drag my feet – it’s SAD

When I decide I really need that big bar of chocolate – I can blame it on SAD

And when I look decidedly miserable all through the day – It’s just SAD!

Yes, the weather in the UK has been depressing to say the least. We are supposed to be having spring and we are snowbound. The daffodils have decided to hide themselves ( it’s just SAD)

It is now April and we have seen no sign of Spring…we even had snow last week!!

So I guess in the UK we are entitled to be SAD or ‘seasonally affected’ since most part of the year we are hit with grey skies!

Yes, the economy is in a SAD state, the healthcare is in a SAD state, the benefit system is in a SAD state, the housing is in a SAD state…..the list goes on.

But then, there is no one to blame except the weather!

We are depressed due to the lack of sunlight….and I definitely felt this depression over the Easter week. The children were ill in turn, it was freezing in April and when the sun deemed to shine it was for 5 minute intervals.

I had previously never given in to the depressing weather as everyone knows that English weather is decidedly gloomy but reading about SAD has now made me sadder as I read that it is a syndrome that affects 17 percent of the population but this year with the winter continuing into April, it is expected to be much higher.

There is also a remedy or medication for this now medical symptom – it’s called St John’s Wort and it is believed to rid you of this ‘ailment’. You even have SAD lamps that provide the same measure of brightness of a sunny day.

So the next time you decide to call in sick on a Monday morning, or reach for the sinful dessert – go ahead you can always blame it on the weather!

3 thoughts on “Do you suffer from SAD?

  1. I suffered from SAD for many years pre-children and I own a SAD lamp. SAD is a form of depression. It’s not an excuse for people having a down day or feeling a bit low – we are talking about depression caused by lack of natural vitamin D from sunlight. SAD is as serious as any other form of depression and is diagnosed by a doctor.

    St Johns Wort is not recommended as it has many other side affects and cannot be used in conjunction with a lot of other forms of medication.

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