Do Craft Children’s Activity Bag: A Review

About a month ago, we were sent this delightful children’s activity pack from Do Craft.

I like encouraging children to get crafty as it ensures that they tear themselves off the iPad or telly.


Now, the children enjoy doing craft and they can get quite creative with it too. My refrigerator is covered with drawings (that’s how I miss the list everytime and forget stuff during the weekly shop!!)


This little bag contained a whole lot of stuff, in fact everything you need to create a lot of fun things with the children.

It contained –

  • 4 foam sheets
  • 4 Felt sheets
  • Glittery pipe cleaners
  • Jungle animals foam stamps
  • Jungle animal stickers
  • Lolly sticks
  • Pompoms in different colours
  • Googly eyes
  • Threading cord
  • Self adhesive foam sea creatures
  • Glue

The children naturally could not wait to start on it.


I left them to it and they decided to make a sea picture. It was easy to get the fish onto the foam as the self adhesive feature is great. Even the little one managed to get in on the action as she is sometimes left out because she makes a mess of the picture.

We are keeping the rest of the craft bag for the summer holidays so that we can try out some more craft.


I think that this bag is a great product to have at home so that the children can give in to there creativity and make fun pictures or stuff. It is also excellent to give as a gift.


If you are in need of inspiration, visit the website at and you will find yourself making a whole lot of stuff. It is a great pass time for adults too. The children, of course, had a lot of fun.

Disclosure: I was sent a goody bag to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.




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