Disney’s TSUM TSUM range: A Review


TSUM TSUMs – You must have heard about them. The new advert on telly had my children hunkering after them as they thought they looked adorable.

Well, someone up there must be listening to them because out of the blue, I was sent a selection of Tsum Tsum toys to review.

Disney Tsum Tsum is now available in Disney Stores across the UK after a phenomenal success in Japan. This is a range of stackable, collectible soft toys featuring some of Disney’s most loved characters.

Tsum Tsum means stack stack in Japanese and  comes from the Japanese Zen art of stone stacking.

The Disney Store has launced 34 Disney characters and will be adding a new character on the first Tuesday of each month and will henceforth be renamed ‘TSUM TSUM Tuesday’

The toys are available in small (£3.00), Medium (£10.00) and Large (£20.00) sizes and are all set to take Disney fans by storm.

There is also an App where plays can connect and pop Tsum Tsum characters making the range more appealing.


We were sent a medium Winnie and Chip and a small Dumbo, Lady, Thumper and Bambi. And obviously the children want more!

They toys are soft and huggable with little bean bag tummies andd this allows them to be stacked. They do look adorable and the children are crazy about them. They can also be handwashed which is a good thing. The material is soft and the tummies seem to have a material that is like chamois which has a lovely feel. They also come in lovely colours of the Disney characters.

My favourite is Minnie Mouse – think I will have to get one myself. 🙂

Jadyn thought they are really cute and she wants more to add to her collection. She is after the Minnie Mouse one. She says they are like bean bags but different – in a nice kind of way. She likes hugging her Winnie and it has now been added to her collection on her bed.


I quite like the range although the majority of the characters are available in the small version. This is nice for children as they can use their own pocket money to collect the different characters. They are also great for little treats as well as for party bags or party gifts.

What better way to collect your favourite Disney characters?

 Disclaimer: I was sent a collection of Disney Tsum Tsum toys. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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