Disney’s Sofia the First Palace Board Game from Ravensburger: A Review

Disney’s Sofia the First, goes down a treat with my little one. We have hosted a Twitter party, reviewed several toys like the Micro-Sets  and the Princess Academy Playset


We can never have enough of Sofia so when we were asked to review a Disney Sofia the First Palace Board Game from Ravensburger, we obviously jumped at the chance.


The game consists of

  • A game board
  • 4 Sofia the First playing pieces
  • 12 Amulets
  • 1 die

The game is really easy to play but there are some twists that make it not so easy to win. I like it this way as this makes it challenging.

The rules are simple – you throw the die and move your piece to the colour on the board according to the colour shown by the die. Quite simple really.

If the die shows an amulet, you get to pick an amulet and move your piece to the person shown on the amulet.

Then comes the twist-

If you land on a colour that has someone on it, you get to send that person home.

If you almost reach the end and you throw a colour that is no more along the the path, you need to go back to the colour nearest you. (Yes, you retreat your steps)


I like the game as it is perfect for little ones aged 3+. It is easy to play and win if you are lucky which they love doing. It is also challenging and this teaches them that they need to be graceful in losing as well.

It can help with counting.

It is great for teaching colours as you have to move your piece according to the colour on the die.

The game does not take long (about 15 minutes) so the children don’t get bored and enjoy playing it. It is especially nice as little ones can also join in with the family as they are sometimes left out.

Priced at £9.99, I think this is a lovely game and will make a lovely game to receive as a present or to add to a family collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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