Disney’s Maleficent: A Review

If you are like us, you keep a watch on when the next Disney film is going to be released.

If you are like us – you scream with excitement when you get an invitation to the advance screening of the movie.

If you are like us – you wait for the DVD to be available to add to your collection.

If you are like us – you then go back to keeping watch…


I was as excited as Jadyn to be seeing Maleficent before it released at the cinema so as we made our way to Leicester Square as early as possible so we would not miss anything, we wondered how different it was going to be.

We were pleasantly surprised – it was different to other Disney princess movies and yet it had all the magic and the charm of Disney.

Jadyn had her face painted and even managed to bag a pair of horns.


I am not going to reveal the story as you HAVE TO go and see it but here is a gist of the story.


We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty and we also know and quite dislike Maleficent. But like most villains there is always a story behind them becoming one and this tells us why Maleficent did what she did. Maleficent is a fairy who rules the fairy world in the moors letting no human disturb the peace. She is pure of heart and does not know the ways of humans so she trusts implicitly. When Stefan takes advantage of this nature and destroys her in his bid to be king, she becomes vengeful and casts a spell on his daughter at her christening. What ensues is Maleficent hating the child and yet growing to love her. How is Aurora saved? Well,  you will have to watch the film to find out.


I loved everything about it

–  the music: even though there were no songs, every note struck the right chord.

– the emotion: captured perfectly by the actors ( it really brought tears to my eyes at some point)

– the humour: it was not ‘in your face’ but subtly provided.

– the imagery: stunningly ethereal


The film portrays the humans as being bound by greed and this is why the inference that the fairies and humans never got along. Maleficent as the fairy queen is commanding enough but when she turns apparently evil, she is an imposing figure. One who can command the forest creatures and trees to do her will.

Angelina Jolie is back with a bang and looks gorgeously evil. She fits the part perfectly as one can quite see why the trees would fall down in supplication to her. Elle Fanning plays the part of the innocent princess to perfection believing (and maybe rightly so) that Maleficent is her Fairy Godmother.

Disney's MALEFICENT..Maleficent (Angelina Jolie)..Ph: Film Frame..?Disney 2014

The fight sequences can be fearsome but are so well done that one gets totally absorbed in each nuance of the film.

Disney seems to be targeting a slightly older audience here as this is not really one for very young children.

The storyline is engrossing. The imagery – magnificent. The film – unmissable.

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets to watch the advance screening. This has in no way influenced my opinions. All ideas are my own.

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