Disney’s Cars 3 Review

Disney’s Cars has always been a huge hit in our home. Ethan has always been a Lightning McQueen fan and had the famed car in all possible sizes and even had a Lightning McQueen birthday cake. We were looking forward to seeing the newest Disney sensation – Cars 3.

Not surprisingly, when these were delivered, he was thrilled.

We headed off on Sunday to attend the Gala screening and it was everything we thought it would be…and more.

The story –

It’s all about the old making way for the new. Lightning still has the speed but apparently isn’t fast enough to win against the rookies especially Jackson Storm – the new kid on the block. Jackson, in keeping with today’s age, is faster because he is digital and trains on a simulator.

Lightning realises that in order to win the Piston Cup, he has to make changes and is raring to train on a state of the art simulator but still doesn’t achieve speeds that Jackson does. Working with Cruz Ramirez, a trainer, who would love to be a racer herself, he finds that the old methods work best for him. But, does he have what it takes to win?

I can’t tell you the entire story as it would spoil it for you but do go and see it. You’ll enjoy it whether you’re a Cars fan or not.

We loved seeing the familiar faces of Mater and Sally and the others and Jadyn (ever the feminist) loved the idea of a female being a racing car. I think it’s a nice tough too. Girl Power!

The animation is amazing – it is Pixar, of course!

Cars3 brought back memories and made a whole lot of new ones too. We  definitely expect Cars4 now and will be keeping our eyes peeled for announcements.

It’s a great film for all the family to enjoy. Perfect summer viewing.

Here’s the official trailer –


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