Disney’s Big Hero 6 – A Review

On Sunday, we got up early (really early) to make our way to Leicester Square for the Gala Screening of Disney’s Big Hero 6.


Now, we have been anticipating this film in a BIG way ever since we saw the trailer at Disney’s Planes 2.

We arrived early and waited for the doors to open for the fun in the foyer. There were Baymax balloons, face painting and hair accessories. What fun!

The main highlight was the film of course.

Big Hero 6 – definitely set to become the next BIG thing after Frozen. I am not saying it will replace Frozen as the storyline is completely different.

As you may or may not know, the story is about Baymax, a loveable robot created by Tadasahi, Hiro’s brother, to reform healthcare.

The cast consists of Hiro, his brother Tadashi, their friends – Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Gogo girl and Fred, and – Baymax!

I like that each character had their place in the film and though the friends had their own special powers, they did not compete with each other. It would have been much too much to have all the characters trying to push their own personal look.

The main attraction of the film is Baymax and no one can help but love him.

The 3D animation is brilliant, the characters perfectly fleshed out and the action dramatic.

The film is funny, poignant in parts and carries just the right amount of action to appeal to all ages and both genders. (You have to admit that Frozen was targeted to girls)

I saw the film with my 3 children and they all enjoyed it. We have a new handshake at home now!! 🙂

Big Hero 6 is a film about friendship, family, being safe and fighting the bad guys. Turning ordinary people into super heroes is something only Disney can do and carry it off with enough panache to be rightly nominated for an Oscar.

You don’t want to miss this one.


There is also a Disney short film called Feast which shows just before the film and this will go down a treat too.

Here is the trailer of Big Hero 6 in case you’ve missed it.


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