Disney TsumTsum Vacation Collection Review

We are huge Disney fans as you may know. The TsumTsum range features hugely in our likes of course. We love these cute little soft toys that come in a range of sizes and feature most of the Disney characters.

We have quite a few of them now but this time we were delighted to be sent the TsumTsum vacation pack to take with us on our days out.

This vacation pack is exclusive to Clintons and is adorable. The pack features 6 all time favourite Disney characters. Mickey in scuba gear ready to dive into the depths of the ocean. Minnie, not as brave perhaps, has her underwater goggles on so will just accompany him halfway. Donald rides a wave on his surfboard. Daisy is all set relax on a lounger in her swimsuit and sun hat. Goofy is not that brave at all and has his inflatable ring. And last of all you have Dumbo ready to capture all the action on his camera.

We had to choose who went out on which trips but as you see they all had a lot of fun.

Dumbo and Daisy were thrilled to attend a special screening of Disney’s And Mack with us. It seemed only fitting! But they kind of got lost in all that yarn in Andi’s Shack.



Donald had fun burying Ethan in the sand on the beach.



Dumbo and Daisy also enjoyed their ride on the London Underground.


Daisy also enjoyed a day out at a Pick Your Own – we couldn’t stop her eating raspberries!

The vacation pack is priced at £25 and is available exclusively at Clintons.



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