Disney Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Mouse – Review

Aeryn loves Disney, well we all do really but she is a Huge fan.

She has her favourites and one of them Minnie.

We were sent this magical Rainbow Dazzle Minnie and it was a hit from the start.

Minnie’s bow, dress and shoes can change colour with the touch of a finger. And then hear her sing True Colours.

Tap the bow and it changes colour or lights up.


Then touch her dress to get the same colour or a contrast.



Lastly the shoes can match the bow or the dress. It is also worth mentioning that the entire outfit can be saved for future use.

Minnie also says the colours when the colours change which help children in identifying colours.


It even comes with a little camera that when looked through creates a rainbow effect.

20151029_185437_resized_3 (1)

It is a lovely and is perfect for any Minnie fan. Great for under the Christmas tree.

It is priced at £24.99 and is a great quality so good value for money. It is available at all major retailers.



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