Disney Princess Palace Pets Mini Collectables – Review

Palace Pets –  you must have heard of them. From the house of Disney, these little pets are pets of the Disney Princesses.

The children love playing on the App and they recognise all of them. I don’t know from where these children get their memories.


We were sent 2 packs of Disney Princess Palace Pets from Character to review. Each has two pets in them. One had Pumpkin – Cinderella’s pup and Seashell -Ariel’s horse and the other one had Lily – Tiana’s kitten and Blondie – Rapunzel’s horse.

Theses little pets are quite lovely and the children play with them with other sets that they have. They are now after me to get the entire set of Palace pets.

The pets are replicas of the pets found in the movies and they are cared for by the princesses.


Pumpkin is a white poodle and loves to attend royal balls and dance.


Seashell is a lavender pony and used to be a seahorse and now lives on land but can still swim rather well.


Lily is a pale lavender kitten who loves jazz music and and dressing up in ragtime outfits.


Blondie is a yellow horse who is a brave and trustworthy guard pony.


Each palace pet has her own characteristic similar to that of her mistress. It is quite easy to step into the wonderful world of make believe with these little pets. I’m almost getting caught up in it myself. 😉


Each pack is priced at £4.99 and they are ideal for little presents to add to the collection or for pocket money toys.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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