Disney Princess Cash Register from Jakks Pacific – Review

We were sent this amazing cash register just in time for Christmas and it has been a big hit in the house. I find myself buying things I already have at home! 😉



The Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register is every little girl’s dream cash register. It’s beautifully pink and gold and has the Disney Princess characters on it.

But the best part of the toy is that it actually works. You can add, subtract and multiply on it and get the correct results.


Before we talk about the learning aspect, let’s look at the pure play enjoyment part of the register. It has these cute little heart shaped buttons with the basic arithmetic functions – addition, subtraction, multiplcation and division. There are number buttons from 0 – 9 and a decimal point too. There is also and enter button.


There is a small drawer that opens with a little key so you can keep the play money (notes and coins) that are provided with the set.

It comes with a scanner that beeps when you press the button to scan something and it also comes with a credit card that can be swiped for ‘credit card payments’.




The cash register is a lovely toy for role play as you can pretend to play shops. It encourages children to think about how the buying process works and how money works too.

They can give a note and get change so they learn about money.

They can also learn about basic mathematics as the register can double up as a calculator.


My little one loves it – there’s no doubt but I quite love it too as it can help teach as well as provide a lot of play time fun. It involves interaction as it can easily be a two player toy and it can well serve as a single player toy too.

Priced at £24.99, it is available at all major retailers and is sure to be a big hit for Christmas.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above toy for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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