Disney Blinds for the Children’s Bedroom

With our upcoming Disneyland trip, we are all very excited at the thought of meeting our favourite characters. And since its the Diamond celebration, we are expecting great things from Disney.

What then can be better to get the children started than for us to think of decorating their room. Disney is the common theme as it caters to any age. I quite like Disney myself.

Disney themed rooms are perfect for any age and there is now such a range of products available that make it so easy.

I was thinking that for Aeryn, the perfect room would be princess themed. She already has a fabulous Cinderella carriage bed and added to this if we are able to theme the entire room around this, it would be great. I’ve seen some lovely pieces of furniture around that I know would be perfect for her. She is a little princess and is very girly so she would love all the pinks and bows and frills.

I also prefer blinds to curtains as they are so much neater. I’ve been on the lookout for themed blinds too and I spotted these gorgeous Disney blinds from the company Velux. I found princess ones that would be ideal for a princess themed room. What’s more, they are blackout blinds which means that Aeryn sleeps well even during summer when the sun rises way too early for my liking.

Did I mention these are roof blinds? Don’t you just love those windows in the roof that let in all that natural light? I love them and my ideal room for me or the children would include these. Obviously I would also need blinds for them and that’s where I think the Velux blinds are perfect.

How about you? Have you redecorated recently and used blinds instead of curtains? I’d love to know how you got on so leave me a comment in the box below.



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