Dirty Bertie – Jackpot! : Book Review

We like reading. We read – a lot.

Ethan prefers being read to though he reads well and he reading levels at school are excellent.

I wanted to get him started on chapter books and when we were asked to review the latest in the  ‘Dirty Bertie’ series, I knew this was a great start.

I mean which little boy will not love a story about a nose picking little boy brimming with the naughtiest of ideas?


Dirty Bertie – Jackpot! by David Roberts and Alan MacDonald, has three short stories – Jackpot, Crumbs and Demon Dolly.

Jackpot is about how Gran calls to say she won the lottery and how the family plan to spend the money. But has she really won or has Bertie heard it all wrong – again?

Crumbs is all about how Bertie bakes a cake in school and makes a huge mistake in the ingredients. But, it does get chosen to be the cake for Mrs Fossil’s farewell.

In Demon Dolly, Dolly Molly returns from the bin to haunt Bertie. Scary…

We loved all three stories. They were easy to read as each story was complete in itself. The illustrations were humurous and the language was simple with a few challenging words that ensure that the child does not lose interest.

Priced at £4.99, it’s sure to be a hit with the young ones.

If you think this book sounds like something you would like to read, I have a giveaway running on Twitter to win one. Follow me at @Jacintaz3 or you can see the giveaway tweet here

We also have an activity sheet that you can download and keep the kids occupied with this bank holiday.

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