Derma H2O Water Wipes Review

I was given to review the Derma H2O Water Wipes through Kidsonestopshop and I was really glad to have been chosen to do so.

These wipes are ever so gentle and great for a lot of purposes. I used them not only to clean baby’s bottom but they are also great for those messy moments at meals and play.

These water wipes are 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. They are suitable from birth and are preservative free. Because they contain only water, they are great for avoiding nappy rash and are allergy friendly.

I really wish I had used these when my little one was born as it would have saved me the bother of using cotton and water.

The wipes are very mild and very soft so it is great for baby’s soft skin. It has greatly lessened nappy rash.

I would definitely recommend these wipes for use with your little one.

Water wipes are available for purchase on Amazon, , the NCT Shop , and Kiddicare

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