Deliveroo – Food Delivered To Your Door : Review

Most Friday nights are movie nights in our home and it’s normally accompanied by takeaway. When I was offered an opportunity to review Deliveroo, I knew exactly what we’d be doing.

I had heard of Deliveroo of course, just never used their services. I wonder why I never had! I know that after using them last week, I’ll definitely be using them again.

First of all, ordering from the site was ever so easy. All I needed to do was sign in to my account, choose a restaurant and then go through the menu and order for the meal to be delivered at a specified time.

For us, there were a few restaurants open by earlier than 6pm and the rest at 7 which was perfect as it meant that the children could have their dinner earlier leaving Hubs and me to have dinner together with maybe a glass of wine or two.


I ordered from Zizzi for the children and they wanted pizzas so they had a Margherita for the little one,


a Pepperoni Campagna one for Ethan



and Jadyn ordered a Picante Rustica (which was quite delicious)



The pizza was delivered quite quickly but I was a bit disappointed as it was not as warm as it should have been and cold pizza doesn’t taste quite as nice. Nothing a quick turn in the microwave didn’t fix.

Hubs and I ordered from a Greek restaurant Kamares and the food was quite tasty. The quantity was good too. We had the Kleftiko – a roasted lamb with potatoes and the Chicken Souvlaki which is skewered chicken served with rice.



Yes, I chose to order from 2 different restaurants to see how it would work. We were not quite feeling like pizza and the kids had been quite adamant that they were having pizza. I was charged £2.50 Deliveroo charges for each delivery but if you go to see the ease of having dinner from a restaurant of your choice being delivered to your home, you can overlook that.

I found the service quite prompt and there were no hiccups with the orders. Once you order, you have to wait for the order to be accepted and then you are informed of your delivery time (it’s usually what you have chosen). Delivery was spot on time. With the pizzas being delivered slightly cold, I guess pizzas do get cold quite quickly.

I was pleased with the service and will definitely be using their services again.



You can check out their website here and see what restaurants you can try out here

If you click on this link and place an order, you can get £5 credit to your order (I get £5 credit too)

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