Declutter Your Home Using Self-storage

Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!

How many times have you thought about doing this? And failed? Yep – me too! I start with all the good intentions and then when I actually come down to it, I just CAN’T do it. I’m not a hoarder in the sense that I don’t hoard plastic bags and pins and clips etc. I kind of hoard things I may need – like the extra toaster or kettle or vacuum cleaner.

It’s not a boast but being a blogger does come with it’s advantages. Or disadvantages if you like! At one point I had 3 pushchairs in the house and 5 vacuum cleaners – a regular corded one, a cordless one, one for furnishing, one for the car and one for windows! A bit much you think? Believe me, you never know which one may come in handy. Of course, I used one majority of the time. But you never know when the others may be useful. So I kept them. In my little storage cupboard under the stairs! I should have made it into a room for my son – Harry Potter style – instead. That would have been much more exciting.

Like the vacuum cleaners, I had two toasters and 3 blenders – all seemingly different. All doing the same job! How do you decide which blender to give away or sell on eBay? As I said, what happens if one stops working? Or a member of the family needs it. Heck! At the rate I’m going, I may be able to give some to my daughter when she moves to University!

I also had some lovely pieces of crockery that I’d never found the occasion to use but looked amazing. And then there were clothes and shoes and toys and mementos. The list goes on…

I do realise that while I don’t want to get rid of the lovely stuff I have been fortunate to have reviewed as a blogger, I do need to clear up space in the house. I finally decided that one way to do this was to make use of a self-storage company so I could keep what I wanted for later use. I was pleasantly surprised to know that self-storage was such an easy option. All I did was book a unit and then drive up with my stuff. Well, between that period, I also had to pack stuff up but this was also a breeze as the storage company provided packing material too (purchased separately of course). It meant that I could get everything done in one place. Self-storage is great because there is no tie-in period. I had the choice of booking for a week or a month or longer. I can access the unit any time I want between operating hours usually between 6am and 11pm so I don’t have to wait long to have my replacement vacuum cleaner or blender.

One of the best things about choosing self-storage in London was that I was able to upsize or downsize between units. It meant that I was able to choose exactly what storage size I needed and pay accordingly.

Storage solutions are also perfect for when you are renovating your home and need the extra space for a little while or when you are moving home or relocating for job purposes and may return home later.

However for me, self-storage proved to be so beneficial as I was able to keep all my lovely household products and free up the much required space at home too.

For more information check out Shugard’s Self-storage in Alperton Park where you can also take a virtual tour.




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