Death by Chocolate Strawberry Chilli Chocolate Sauce Recipe

I was recently approached to come up with a Death by Chocolate dipping sauce. Thinking of Chocolat and trying to mix flavours I thought of chilli chocolate and then having made a strawberry compote to go with pancakes, I decided to add that too – hence the Strawberry Chilli Chocolate Dip.


It’s really easy to make and you need the following –

Dark Chocolate (I used Organic Chocolate from The Grenada Chocolate Company – 71% Cocoa)

1/2 a cup of double cream

1 tsp butter

3 tbsp Strawberry compote

1 tsp chilli powder


Method –

On a slow fire melt the chocolate and the butter in a thick bottomed pan. Add the chilli.

Add in the cream a little at a time and keep stirring. It will look like it’s thickening quickly but keep stirring slowly and it will soon have the texture of melted chocolate. Add the strawberry compote and mix for another minute.



The dip was delicious served with the Thomas Fudge Florentines and these are a excellent grown-up party dessert when you don’t want to spend a lot of time of preparing one.




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