Dear Weatherperson – I’ve changed my mind

Dear Weatherperson,

Thank you so much for listening to our pleas.

The sun is out.

Glorious sunshine.

Blinding sunshine.

Scorching heat.

Parching heat.

So could we please lessen up on the sunshine and have some rain?

Why am I complaining? This is what I have been longing for all through winter and spring. And now that it’s here – in all its full glory, I have decided I like cloud cover! Isn’t that the same cloud that brings with it rain? The same rain that plagued us for over 6 months and we could not get rid off…till now!!

It’s hot…it’s very, very hot.

I need a fan indoors. I need the shade outdoors.

I need ice cream and lollies both indoors and out and that’s still not enough because they melt almost before they can reach my mouth.

I can’t sleep because the humidity is too high and the duvets are too warm! What am I doing with the duvet in the first place?

I can’t go to the beach because it’s too hot. Well then, when can I? Shall I wait for autumn when the water is too cold to dip my toes in?

I can’t go to the park – because everything is hot – the park bench is hot to touch and so is all the play equipment. And the children – well, they may get burned. Shall I wait for the rain to cool the place down and wet the play area?

The other day I took the children on a Thames Cruise and it was the perfect weather (or was it?) It was sweltering on the top deck so we took cover in the shade of the lower deck and we still poured sweat! The children were hot and sweaty and tired and irritable and so was I at the end of the trip! Besides that, they constantly needed to drink water and we all know what follows after that!

I have fans on throughout the day – not one but two in the living room and even then it’s not enough.

It was 32 degrees indoors in spite of fans set on the highest speeds.

I read today that MPs are asking for workers to be sent home when temperatures reach 30C indoors. What about children still attending schools? And parents doing the school run in the heat of the afternoon? At least most of the offices are air conditioned!

I want rain – I NEED rain!

Is there any way that you can tweak the weather so that we have sunshine with a little cloud cover?

I would be most obliged.

I look forward to your next weather report with great expectation.

Thank you








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3 thoughts on “Dear Weatherperson – I’ve changed my mind

  1. It is quite hot indeed but I am like you and hate too much of it. I was never one for sitting in the sun when I was younger despite living in Canada. I get prickly heat. I hope that your post reaches mother nature! LOL if not, if all else fails, join me in a rain dance!

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