Dear Santa…Our Wishlist from Debenhams

I was asked to put together a Christmas Wishlist for the children from the Debenhams Toy range. So, I asked the children to get together and choose some things they would like and write a letter to Santa.

Here’s what they said…

Dear Santa,

We have been very good this year (you can check with Mummy – she always tells us how much she loves us) and we would be really happy if we could have these presents for Christmas. They are quite a few on the list but if you can’t get us all, one from each one’s list will be fine.


secret safe

VTech Secret Safe Diary 

my little pony

 My Little Pony Headphones


Disney Princess Projector Alarm Clock

Ethan  171020102999

Lego Star WarsKashyyyk Troopers

171030301499Flair Emiglio the Robot 

TMNT Dojo Raph in training

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dojo Raph in Training

Aeryn frozen large magnetic Scribbler

Disney Frozen Large Magnetic Scribbler


Lego Duplo Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Tale


Frozen Cool Tunes Headphones

We are enjoying having Ellie the Elf at home and we don’t really want her to leave on Christmas Eve.

We may (don’t tell Mummy) try and stay up on Christmas Eve so we can see you. That’s if Mummy doesn’t use her magic dust.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Jadyn, Ethan and Aeryn

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