De-Stressing with Crayola’s Patterned Escapes

With the tension of secondary school places and the SATS for both my children, this package was a welcome treat.

No, it didn’t involve any pampering of any kind except perhaps self-indulgence of some form. And gettin in touch with my inner child.

I don’t know about you but everytime my little one takes out a colouring book I refrain from getting really bothered with keeping within the lines. I have a kind of OCD about this. I can’t stand colouring out of the lines or colouring this way and that.

I remember when I was young I always blotted my colouring with paper to make it look even more even.


So, back to my package. I received a colouring book, a pack of 50 coloured pencils and a pack of fine line markers for me. What fun!

Crayola had sent me their new adult colouring book  – Patterned Escapes and pencils and pens to keep me de-stressed. And how it worked! Well, to be honest, it didn’t when my little one decided to help me and coloured out of the lines.


The book has a lot of intricate patterns that you can choose to make as vibrant or toned down as you like.

The fine line markers are perfect for fine lines and small bits needed to be coloured in.


I find it quite relaxing and though one picture/page takes quite a long time to complete, I find I can easily come back to it whenever I like.

I’ve also noticed that I use different colours depending on my mood – darker colours when I’m upset and brighter colours when I’m happy. Neutral colours when I’m in that mid-zone. 🙂


I can’t wait to take this on my upcoming holiday and keep myself busy on the plane.

Disclosure: I was sent the above to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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