Day 6 – Surfin’ Beaver Bath Toy from TOMY Toys UK Giveaway

12 days

Day 6 – Do you feel that bath time with your children are stressful? This Surfin’ Beaver bath toy from TOMY Toys will certainly change that.


Children will love playing with this cheeky beaver that sings and surfs throughout bath time.

If you would like to win this adorable singing beaver, enter the giveaway below.

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90 thoughts on “Day 6 – Surfin’ Beaver Bath Toy from TOMY Toys UK Giveaway

  1. I don’t have children but am very close to my neice, her favourite bath toy is the plastic horse she has in the bath, a bit odd but there you go!

  2. Traditional ducks now. When they were younger though, my twins were obsessed with beavers for some reason! For their 2nd birthday they had a cuddly beaver each, they called them ‘Beepers’

  3. My little ones have about 20 rubber ducks in the bath, i used to be a little bit obsessed collecting unusual ones 🙂

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