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Cryoow dolls – the name sounds really intriguing.

What is a Cryoow doll? Well it is like this. You draw a picture and send it over and the people at Cryoow create a doll/puppet that looks exactly like your drawing.


Ethan's drawing of Optimus Prime
Ethan’s drawing of Optimus Prime


Ethan's doll
Ethan’s doll









I was really thrilled to be able to review these dolls. I got my 2 older children to draw their pictures and Jadyn drew a ballerina and Ethan drew ‘Optimus Prime’. Jadyn also drew a picture of a girl in a frilly dress for Aeryn as she is too young to draw one. I scanned the drawings and sent them in.



Forget about the children, I could hardly wait to see the dolls for real.


It took about 2 weeks for the dolls to be delivered and I must say that was really quick considering that the dolls had to be hand made.



Jadyn's drawing
Jadyn’s drawing




Jadyn's ballerina doll
Jadyn’s ballerina doll










Each doll came in individually packed bags with a little card saying who created the doll. There was also a Cryoow bracelet in each bag.

The dolls look very sweet and even Ethan’s one which may look nothing like you’ve seen before is quite unique.

The children love their dolls and they mean the world to them as they call them their creations. Needless to say they are most pleased that they have a one of a kind doll for themselves. The dolls are made exactly as per the drawings with the same colours used etc and even down to the curly hair.

Jadyn’s drawing for Aeryn


Aeryn’s doll












The dolls may not be ‘pretty’ like the perfect dolls that you see in the shops because their mouths maybe slightly crooked, they may have 4 fingers instead of 5,they may have a leg slightly larger than the other but it is exactly as your child draws it.

They are also special because they are handmade and it makes it all the more special and treasured.

You can also write your name on your doll on the little label on the back so it remains forever yours.


If you would like a unique Cryoow doll of your own, enter the giveaway below: (there are 3 up for grabs)

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