Croco Jungle Research Station from Schleich: Review

This has been one of the most popular toys we’ve received recently. Ethan loves playing with animals and the Schleich animals are perfect for this. When I told him we were going to review the Croco Jungle Research station, he was over the moon and kept asking me everyday whether it had arrived.

When it did, it didn’t disappoint. It is a large set, requiring a good amount of floor space. It has loads of accessories and here’s what all is included in the set –

  • large CROCO skull with secret hiding place
  • jungle research building
  • railings
  • Ranger Tom
  • crocodile
  • orang-utan
  • black panther
  • Asian elephant calf
  • hoist container
  • net
  • viewing platform with trapdoor
  • radar
  • mast with flag
  • hammock
  • 2 shelving units
  • 4 hooks
  • folding chair
  • 4  silver-coloured cage parts with doors
  • dividing wall for cage
  • 6 enclosure parts,
  • treasure chest with gold pieces,
  • crystal skull,
  • 2 torches,
  • treasure map,
  • fire pit,
  • tripod with hook,
  • kettle,
  • 2  tree trunk seats,
  • aluminium-coloured box,
  • spade,
  • axe,
  • survival knife
  • Binoculars with carrying strap
  • 2 x plates
  • 2 x camping cups
  • Mobile phone
  • 1 x laptop
  • 1 x sticker sheet

As you can see, there is a LOT included with it. It requires a bit of construction and there are clear instructions included in the package.

The research station itself has lots of attention to detail. As you can see in the list there are so many accessories that make the playset real.

Ethan likes the fact that it comes with animals and the Schleich animals are always so well made that they are a pleasure to play with. He added his own animals – Schleich tigers to the set for added fun.

What I like about the set is that there are different ways to play as you can attach the enclosure parts to the cage doors or have two separate cages or have one large one with a divider.

The crocodile head is pretty large and you can open the mouth and keep it open with a log for added effect. Each and every part of the set of such good quality and I know that this is one that will last a long time. Good thing too as Ethan just loves it.

It is also a great product to make stories about and Ethan has used this in his homework too where he has made a myth around it. I love it when toys can inspire creativity and though this is not a creative toy in that sense it inspires imaginative play.

The set is priced at £99.99 and it looks like it is expensive but when you consider the number of items included in the set and the quality, it is well worth it. And it is well worth seeing the smile on your child’s face when he or she receives it.

You can also add to the set from the Schleich Wild life range. To find out more visit

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One thought on “Croco Jungle Research Station from Schleich: Review

  1. My little boy would love this it looks great for imaginery play. One of his favourite animals is a crocodile. It is always great to read reviews on toys because it gives a good idea as to whether it would be for us. It looks like a great Christmas present. xx

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