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One of my dream destinations has always been and still is Egypt. I would love to visit the Pyramids and cruise down the Nile. I have no idea why it’s Egypt but something about that place enthralls me. The call of the Pharaoh, perhaps?

I would love to visit the places of ancient civilizations and imbibe the ancient culture and practices. Do I see myself as Cleopatra? Don’t we all?

That being said, I actually hated History in school but I guess I am older and wiser now and find myself really interested in the subject.

Now, I really don’t have any definite plans to visit but it’s always nice to dream and even nicer to plan, in case I can visit in the near future.

I came across this really great site –, where I could create a travel plan and then I would be given every possible form of information on how to get there and what to expect in terms of weather, currency etc.

I think this is a perfect way to plan a getaway. It is possible for me to create a plan for even a few months down the line and then it also gives me flights from my origin to destination. is not a site where you can book flights but if you select a flight it gives you several websites where you can book your flights. Very convenient.

I also especially liked the Trip tools. This area of the site tells you the time difference between your origin and destination, the currency conversion, the weather at your destination for the next 5 days, conversion of units, airport guides, subway maps, dialing codes and timetables of all flights for a particular journey. The last one being especially helpful if you miss your flight.

It is extremely easy to sign into and create a plan. Once made, you can share it with friends if you are planning on going in a group or perhaps just send it to your partner so that he remembers your anniversary coming up in the next two months. A gentle nudge letting him know what you’re expecting – just an email with confirmed flight tickets to your dream destination. I reckon that gives him enough time to save!!

You can also make a plan public so others can see it and you can also see plans made by others in case you are in need of inspiration.

The site is really user friendly and is a perfect travel planner. It would be nice though if restaurants and hotels could be included but I am aware that the site is still in Beta stages so hopefully it will include these in time to come. is a very helpful site if you are actually planning a holiday but for people like me who dream it is an even bigger boon as if I suddenly find I can make the trip, all I need to do is sign in and check out my travel plan. Easy peasy!

If you want to have a look at my plan, you can view it here

To make your own plan you can click here

Until I am actually on that flight though, all I can do is dream and create a few more travel plans and send them to Hubs. Who knows, I may just get a surprise with our anniversary round the corner!

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