Create Cool Pictures with Suteki from Flair

Suteki  is the Japanese word for great, wonderful or splendid. No wonder it has been used for this great creative art set from Flair.


This Suteki set produces 3 lovely pictures so easily that it is perfect for children to work with alone. If you have a budding artist keen to try out new things or even a not-so-confident artist, then this is for them.

The technique employed is to use stencilled layered designs to create cool artwork.


Our Suteki set came with the following –

·         1 x Mega Tray Station

·          3 x Plastic Frames with removable sticky back

·          4 x 15ml Acrylic Paint Bottles,

·         9 x Stencil Layer Sheets (3 Designs)

·         1 x Golden Ninja Stamper

·         2 x Sponge heads

·         3 x White Cards.

The process is simple and there are easy instructions to guide you through. It is really easy to do. Once you decide which picture you are going to paint, you take the first stencil and place it in the tray. Then stamp the paint everywhere on the stencil (or at least the places where the card is visible)


Take the next stencil and do the same with a different colour.


Finish off with the third and voilà  – you have a great looking piece of art for your wall.Made even greater by the fact that it’s been made by you!


Do be careful when you are working between stencils and ensure that the sponge is completely dry or you will have bleeding of colour on your picture. This happened with us as we got really carried away and couldn’t wait to get on the next step.


As a parent, I think this is a great craft set that helps creativity and a child can spend quite some time involved in the set. It is easy to work with and a child can quite easily work unsupervised. The target age of 5+ is perfect for the set.

Jadyn love painting and she enjoyed creating these pictures.

If you would like access to a really ‘Cool’ club please visit the website here and sign up/

Disclaimer: I received the above set for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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