Crazy about Cra-Z-Loom : Review

There are some toys that I enjoy working on with Jadyn. This is one of them. In fact, I got so carried away with this one and Jadyn had to remind me that it was hers!

What kept me so occupied? This lovely bracelet making set Shimmer n Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom from Character.


This clever little product can keep a child and her mother entertained for hours. It consists of a ‘loom’ and a hook (similar to a crochet hook) and rubber bands – yes simple rubber bands. And I bet you have never seen rubber bands that look so good!

The concept is simple and easy – use the bands on the loom to create beautiful bracelets. One or two are complicated but the end result is so great.

We loved making the bracelets with this especially as we were not bound to only one type of bracelet and we could try out different designs.

simple bracelet

The simple one is really easy and is actually the base to the others. It does look rather nice though.


The waterfall bracelet was a little complicated but it looked lovely when it was ready.

waterfall bracelet1

The bridge style was perhaps the most complicated of all but looked so gorgeous on the hand.

photo 3 (10)

This fishtail bracelet was really easy and Jadyn had made 2 for her BFFs. Soon, she had several other girls in the class asking for the bracelets so she had to make a few more. Perhaps I can start a business soon. 🙂

photo 1 (19)

What we liked about the product

  • Good quality
  • Ability to make different styles of bracelets
  • Simple easy steps
  • Easy to get refills – once can purchase rubber bands anywhere. There are also refill packs available.
  • Bright coloured bands to make attractive bracelets.

Jadyn has been making bracelets to give out to her friends and she never tires of it – which is a welcome change to the usual ‘Mummy, I’m bored!’

I think that this is a really lovely set. It is suitable for children aged 8+ and priced at £14.99 and it would make a wonderful gift for a girl.

Here is a short video we put together to tell you how to make a fishtail bracelet.

 Disclaimer: I was sent the above set for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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