Covid-19: Day 1 – 13th March 2020

Friday the 13th…

Covid-19 has been around for some time now. It hit China and slowly (or maybe not) made it’s way to other countries. Italy was hit in a big way and I’ve kept abreast of news there because of the strong personal connection I have in Rome.

Needless to say, I have been closely following the news and I don’t think I’ve been even more confused with all the (mis)information I’ve been getting – the symptoms (they keep changing pretty often), the cure (none in sight), testing kits being made available (to whom exactly?).

Is the virus ‘just the flu’ or is it something more deadly?

I’ll go by the latter at this stage as the President today declared a national emergency.

Then the children were told to take their books home and clean out their lockers.

And then we received a text telling us schools would be closed in our district for the next 2 weeks(at least).

A sort of lockdown – not total because we can still move around  (quite freely).

But the whole purpose of schools closing, people working from home is to contain the virus.

We do, of course, have to eat (among other things) so we need to shop.

Hubs went out shopping after work to take in empty shelves and long queues at checkout(defeating the whole purpose of social distancing). But we did manage to get meat, eggs, milk and, pasta after he visited at least 3 different stores.

We go to bed not knowing what to expect in the next week. All we know is that we are heading into a new week where we’ll be faced with new challenges.

The kids are quite happy, they think its an early spring break. They should know me better. What’s the bet that by Monday, they’d rather be back in school.

And of course, above all else – we do need to shop for loo roll.

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