Cool Gifts for Someone Starting a New Job


Starting a new job is both exciting and scary and is definitely a reason to celebrate, whether you’re going onto something bigger and better or have been out of work and have finally nailed that job you wanted. If you know someone who is about to start a new job then it might be nice to get them a little something to say well done or help them settle in a little. Here are some great gift ideas that will go down a storm…

New mug

One of the biggest things about starting a new job is being integrated into the tea and coffee round, and therefore a new mug is essential! Making a round of teas and coffees on their first day will instantly make a good impression; it’s the only way some people get through the day! Get them a mug that suits their personality, maybe with their favourite band or TV show on, or you can make your own mug at My Photo Gifts and emblazon your face across it to give them a reminder as to who gave it to them.

A new tie

If smart attire is mandatory in their job then a new tie is a great gift to ensure they look the part. You could choose something really smart and classy or you could appeal to their fun side and go for something a little more light-hearted with cartoon characters or something. This very much depends on the job, however, as a tie covered in Mr Men might not go down to well if they in court or somewhere equally as formal.


Whilst headphones might sound like a present that encourages solitude, there are times when they’ll be absolutely necessary. If you’re working in a quiet office but want to watch a video (work-related of course) then you’ll need to be able to plug in some headphones so not to disturb everyone else. Some companies let you listen to music whilst you’re working, too, so headphones might be an essential purchase. Just a pair of in-ear headphones should suffice, or if you really want to splash out then these Sennheiser headphones are brilliant.


A new briefcase/bag

They’ll no doubt have plenty of stuff to carry to and from work, so a new briefcase or bag would be a fantastic gift. The style of bag they take will very much depend on the type of job they have; for example, if they’ve got a non-office-based job then a briefcase might not be the best choice. John Lewis have a wide range of briefcases, bags and handbags available, all of which will give an excellent first impression as they strut into work carrying it on their first day.

Something work specific

The other ideas on this list are reasonably generic for most jobs, but how about getting them something specific to their job. For example, if they’re a doctor then you could get them a stethoscope or if they’re a journalist then some pens and pads of paper will be invaluable! Have a think about what they might find useful in their line of work and see what you can come up with.

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