Cooking with the kids made easy thanks to Annabel Karmel and Ecover

I love cooking with the children but I find I struggle to get the time to do so with homework to be completed as well as other work.   When I was invited to try a recipe by Annabel Karmel with them, I knew it would be a perfect way of getting together and cooking with them. We were also sent some Annabel Karmel cooking products (perfect for children to cook with) and some Ecover products (just what I need to clean up with).


I am sometimes in a quandary about what to make for the evening meal so this was also a perfect excuse to try out something new. We tried out the Yummy Quesadillas and they were delicious –


Ecover and Annabel Karmel have teamed up to create a new mini series of simple yet nutritious recipes available on the Ecover Facebook page –

To help inspire busy families to cook together more often, Ecover the plant based ingredient cleaning company has partnered with best-selling cookery author and feeding guru Annabel Karmel to create a new cooking mini-series. Designed to fit in with jam-packed schedules, the video series is available to watch on and the Ecover Facebook page, the inspiring 30 second videos include recipes you can whip up in under half hour in between the school run, simple minimal-mess culinary creations and healthy versions of fast food favourites that all the family will love. 

The new series also includes Ecover’s clean-up hacks that show just how easy it is for everyone to get involved with getting the kitchen back in order.

In a survey conducted by Ecover in partnership with Annabel Karmel, the findings show that over a third of parents (38%) cook with their children just once a month or less, even though 72% of them realise it’s a prime opportunity to spend quality time together.1 A lack of time (53%) was the main reason families stay clear of the kitchen, followed by struggling to find recipes suitable for short attention spans (36%) and simply not having the ideas or inspiration to know what to cook with the kids (35%) have the ideas or enough inspiration to know what to cook together. The aftermath of cooking together is also a big turn-off with almost half (47%) of parents finding it a challenge to rally the kids to help clear up.

Totally understand the difficulty in rallying the kids to help clear up.

We created a video making the Yummy Quesadillas following Annabel Karmel’s recipe –


Here’s a video of a recipe by Annabel Karmel herself –


Annabel Karmel also had some great cleaning hacks to share with us –

I actually had to use this one last week when a bottle dropped from my hands!

Written in collaboration with Ecover and Annabel Karmel

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