Collins Big Cat Reading Lions and Picture Atlas Review

We love reading at home and with the holidays upon us, I like the children to keep up with a bit of reading every day. Thankfully since they love to read, it’s not a problem.


I was quite happy to receive these books to review – Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Level 4. Collins books were previously available in schools but are now available to parents too so that they can help children on their reading journey.

I asked for Level 4 which is aimed at confident readers at home (age 7 – 8). Ethan is 6 but is already reading at age 8 at home so he found these books quite easy but interesting to read.

The books in Level 4 are –

  • How to be a Viking in 13 Easy Steps
  • Cloud Forest
  • Oliver
  • Class Six and the Very Big Rabbit
  • The House in the Forest
  • Your Senses

3 are fiction and 3 non-fiction and I really like the mix. Ethan quite enjoys reading non-fiction as he will tell you in the review. I quite like the style of the books too as there are some challenging words for children to increase their vocabulary.

The Picture Atlas is brilliant and carries a lot of information in a very visual way which children enjoy. Children can learn about continents and countries as well as the people and animals that belong there. There are also some key facts shared about each country.

I loved the books but it may be better if you hear how Ethan got on with them…


Disclaimer: I was sent the above books to review with Ethan. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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