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All my 3 children suffered from terrible colic when they were babies. Thankfully they have long outgrown this.
With the eldest, it was the most difficult as in the beginning we had no idea why she would literally bawl her eyes out every evening. No amount of cuddling or soothing would work effectively and as a new mum, I felt I was doing something wrong.

After having a chat with my sister-in-law, who had obviously been through the same problem, I came to know about Colic and yes – Infacol.
It was so helpful in calming my little one and though we still had the crying it was so much less and I could see that she was not in that much of pain.
As we researched on the internet we learnt more and more about coping with Colic. I can tell you that when it came to dealing with my second child, we knew what to do but it is still very upsetting to see your child cry and in pain.
I was really pleased to see the new Virtual Colic Clinic on
It is a 24/7 help for parents whose children suffer from colic. You can ask from questions that are already present or type in your own to get an instant video answer from Nikki Khan, Infacol’s Expert Midwife.
I especially like the questions that you can answer to find out if it is colic or not.

colicI think this is an excellent website to help parents deal effectively with colic. I wish that the website had been in existence when I had my eldest child. It would have helped a lot of worry and tears.

infacol-logoHere is a little more about the website –

On average, anxious first-time mothers make 16 trips to the doctor over a child’s first year1, with colic being in the top three concerns of new mums.2

Colic affects up to one in four babies.3 It is often associated with crying fits which may last for three hours or more, and occurs mostly in the late afternoon, evenings and night-time, unfortunately when GPs are often not available. Cuddling or trying to soothe the baby’s cries doesn’t always help, which can be very stressful for parents.

The Virtual Colic Clinic app, launched by Infacol (Simeticone), Britain’s number 1 selling infant colic remedy, is the first of its kind. It offers a new way for parents to get immediate, 24/7 support by accessing video response answers to important questions about dealing with colic; either through a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

“We know that anxious parents are turning more to online research as GPs are unavailable late into the evening, which is when colic can hit. Infacol want to give new mums and dads someone to turn to when in need of this extra support and guidance, at any time of the day or night” says Nikki Khan, Infacol’s Expert Midwife.

Designed to answer the questions of parents on the subject of colic and provide extra support for parents in need, with the help of Midwife Nikki Khan, the launch follows the success of the ‘Is it colic?’ web app, which helps to quickly identify whether a baby has colic through ten simple yes/no questions.
The 24/7 Virtual Colic Clinic works by encouraging parents to choose from 50 of the most commonly asked questions around colic from a drop down menu or alternatively to type their own, and then providing them with an instant video answer from Nikki Khan.

The Virtual Colic Clinic can be accessed at via multiple device platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

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