Coldpress Pumpkin Power Juice – Review

Over the last few weeks we were sent some Halloween products to try out and since they were so good, I decided to share them with you in case you fancy trying them yourself during Halloween.

Have you ever tried Pumpkin Power?

This limited edition 250ml bottle is only going to be available via the Coldpress website from 1st-31st October….
Pumpkin Power is a delicious, thick juice with a warming flavour of cinnamon and ginger – combined with sweet pineapple, subtle pumpkin and complete with undertones of apple. 1 of your 5 a day, no added sugar!
What is different about Coldpress juices is that, because they’re ‘cold pressured’ (rather than being brutally pasteurised with heat) they preserve substantially more of the essential nutrients found in juices. That means is that you can drink less Coldpress juice to get your recommended daily intake of vitamins. By choosing a juice that is nutritionally dense like Coldpress, you are simply able to get better ‘health-value’ for your portion.
(Coldpress orange juice actually provides you with 100% more Vitamin C than its pasteurised rivals, while Coldpress apple juice also contains twice as many antioxidants and polyphenols as its pasteurised rivals!)

What we thought

The kids liked it so that’s a win. They thought it tasted delicious and I was glad to be able to get the veg into them without a fight. We did taste the ginger in it which gave it a zing.

A case of 8 is priced at £12.

To buy or for more information visit

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