Clarks pioneers new foot measuring device for children

I only trust my children’s feet to walk in shoes from Clarks. Through the years, I have found that their shoes are stylish, comfortable and durable and far outlast their growing feet.

After several trips to Clarks to buy Aeryn shoes and have her fall asleep on the way so she can’t be measured, I invested in the Clarks shoe guage so that I could check her shoe size at home and then order them online.

When I was invited to the launch of a new iPad app to measure children’s feet instore, I knew I had to attend to see how it would work. Besides, the launch was in Westfield so I could combine other shopping with the visit too.

The main change is that instead of the large machines which measure the children’s feet in Clarks, there are these nifty iPads and smaller gadgets. Since the app is interactive – the child can choose from boy or girl and then tap their age in.

clarks foot gauge

The iPad is then inserted into the measuring device and the child stands on the device to have her foot measured. The width is measured with a an electronic device now instead of the tape of old so I guess it all makes for more accurate measurements.

Since the measuring device is portable, there are more in each store which means that one doesn’t have to wait to be measured.


All three children had their feet measured and they all needed new shoes so it was school shoes as well as trainers for the elder two and shoes for Aeryn. As always, the staff at Clarks was eager to help and took their time making sure that the children’s shoes fit well.


I think this method of measurement will be more accurate and it will also be faster. Plus, since it is interactive, the children will have more fun with the experience.

Clarks has a stunning Spring-Summer 2014 collection of children’s shoes and I would definitely take a look at the range on their website here.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the above event and provided with a goody bag. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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