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Discovery Garlic and Herb Sour Cream

I have used sour cream in many recipes but I have never tried sour cream that contains garlic or herbs. The Discovery Garlic and Herb Sour Cream contains garlic, chives and parsley in addition to sour cream.

What I liked about the sour cream is that it had a very subtle flavour and at the same time it added that extra something to the recipes.

I normally add sour cream to my Swedish meatball recipe and I added the Discovery sour cream to it and the blend of garlic and herb tasted just great. I also added the sour cream to salads.


It was Mexican night at our house, on the Fifth of May or Cinco de Mayo, thanks to Britmums and Discovery.

I had received a few Discovery products – the Fajita making kit, a bottle of Garlic and Herb Sour cream and a Fajita Seasoning and sauce. I love trying out new things and we all love chilli so to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I decided to use the products in two different recipes.

The first recipe I made was using the sauce. It was really quick cooking and instead of making fajitas with it, I used it in the chilli con carne.


Chilli con Carne

500 g minced beef or lamb or pork

200 g kidney beans

1 bottle of paste

1 tin chopped tomatoes

Discovery fajita sauce


I boiled the kidney beans to soften them. I had already soaked it for about 6 hours.

I fried the mince with some ginger and garlic and the seasoning for about 5 minutes in my Tefal Actifry. Then I added the sauce, tomatoes, and kidney beans and cooked it for about 15 minutes. I added a slosh of Chinese rice wine to it to give it some zing.( you could add any red wine or can also give it a miss). Since I used my Actifry to make the recipe, I did not have to keep stirring it and it came out just great. I served it with rice and added the sour cream as a topping.


The Discover Fajita Seasoning and sauce was not overpowering and yet had great taste. I could have used the sauce without adding tomatoes too but since I wanted the extra gravy, I added tinned tomatoes. The sauce is extremely easy to cook with and you have your meal cooked in about 20 minutes which when you have children is really handy.


With the Discovery Fajita making kit, I made…well fajitas!


Fried chicken with capsicum and onions

Chicken 500 gms

1 Red pepper

1 onion

Discovery Fajita making kit (contains fajita spice, salsa, 8 tortillas)

Discovery Sour Cream



I sliced the chicken and coated it with oil and the fajita spice and kept it aside for about 30 minutes. Then I fried it for about 5 minutes with sliced onions and capsicum.

DSC06444In the meantime I got the tortillas warmed up.

To complement the fajitas, I made a red cabbage, carrot, apple and walnut coleslaw with mayonnaise. It was just yummy and my little son who is quite fussy about his veggies just enjoyed it.



It was nice to have Mexican food and I look forward to trying out many more recipes of this kind innovating and trying to out with different ingredients.


The Fajita making kit comes with a Spice mix, yummy Salsa and 8 tortillas. The spice mix was just right. I did add

a little less as I wanted the children to eat it too. The Salsa was not too


spicy and my 8 year old just loves Salsa so she enjoyed it. The tortillas were soft and tasty.


We shall definitely be having many more meals like this as they are so easy to prepare and great for days when there are after school activities.

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  1. This looks amazing I am going to try this at my house. I love to try new recipes and add them to my recipe book .

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